Challenge your
students to build
a new future
for the planet.

We are living in a critical time for the future of our planet. What we do in the next 50 years will have a significant impact on the quality of life and biodiversity of our species. It’s a collective mission.

Can you imagine, as an educator, being able to shape the leaders and guardians of this future through your work? Presenting, with the help of living examples, all the possibilities for education, awareness, and action for leaders and guardians of species and biomes that are so vital for life here?

BioParque do Rio has already
thought about all of this.

In fact, they have turned this thought into action in the form of three playful journeys, full of adventure and discovery, with interactive missions designed for students in early childhood, elementary, and high school cycles.

Our school visits are structured based on the guidelines of various international committees, such as WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums), ALPZA (Latin American Association of Zoos and Aquariums), AZAB (Association of Zoos and Aquariums of Brazil), and IZE (International Zoo Educators Association).

School Visits at BioParque do Rio
journeys that shape the future

The School Visits program at BioParque do Rio was designed by a multidisciplinary team as a living and co-participatory tool
for what the National Common Curricular Base calls the field of experiences, one of its priorities. This type of dynamic focuses on
the comprehensive education of your students, in which they will deal with important territories of their development, such as:

The self,
the other, and
the we

gestures, and

sounds, colors,
and shapes

Listening, speaking,
thinking, and

Spaces, times,
quantities, relationships,
and transformations

By expanding the themes and topics of these non-formal activities,
we can assist with your lesson plans, blending learning
and development objectives, always in the context of the students' daily lives.

5 Benefits of BioParque do
Rio's School Visits

Differentiated itineraries with maps and challenges for your students.
As a unique space in the city, BioParque do Rio offers various itineraries that can be customized according to your group of students' demands. Each journey is filled with adventure and discovery.
Approaches adapted to each educational level.
Each student is a unique universe of curiosity and potential. With that in mind, we have adapted our space for three educational levels: early childhood, elementary school (fundamental I), and middle school (fundamental II) with high school. This ensures the best learning experience for each age group.
Enriched experience with biological specimens and specially developed educational materials.
As enriching as learning is, experiencing learning in practice is even more valuable. During school visits to BioParque, our team uses a variety of resources, from skins, feathers, and scales to realistic simulations of various characteristics of our very special guests.
Immersive dynamics in various environments: farm, savannah, tropical, etc.
Within the simulated environments, your students can experience various sensory elements, promoting a true immersion.
Focused and exclusive teaching, with one educator for groups of up to 15 students.
To make it worthwhile, it is essential to listen to every question and witness every discovery. In BioParque do Rio's school visits, this is possible because we limit the maximum number of students per educator. Thus, classes of up to 50 students are divided into groups for better interaction.
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Step-by-Step Adventure Map

As your group travels through the 12,000m² of constructed area with our team, where about
670 animals from over 130 species relive their biomes, your students will interact with various
challenges of knowledge, curiosities, and complementary content.

Since content and form work best together, the adventure of knowledge is built based
on diverse activities tailored to each segment to work on oral skills, retelling, or producing
stories based on situations and observations acquired during the visitation.
It is your group that, together with the BioParque do Rio team, will make this visit a memorable one.

We have an exclusive project for school visits to BioParque
do Rio, with the following information:

Leaders in the Field!

Middle and High School students are already facing the first challenges of their maturation, along with opportunities to become Conservation Leaders. The school visit for this segment provides tools for this:
we will teach about three major animal groups (Birds, Reptiles, and Mammals), the importance of biodiversity for ecosystem balance, and present possible actions to conserve the environment, making children true conservation leaders, aware of their actions.

Adventure Route: Kings of the Jungle / Asians / Carnivores / Little Farm / Primate Island / Cerrado / Savanna / Tropical Immersion / Reptile Village.

Thematic Guide for
In-Depth Exploration of the Mission

Thematic visits for any educational segment represent not only a moment of
adventure and discovery but also the birth of a fundamental connection for the
overall development of our students: the connection between the thematic axes of
the National Common Curriculum Base and the way of life of the animals present in our spaces.

BioParque do Rio is one of the best partners for this moment because it is,
at its core, an informal, playful, exploratory, and observational space. And, of course, a lot of fun!

Pack your backpack, enthusiasm, and curiosity and come
with our team to discover the thematic grids we have prepared!

Accordion Content
  • Difference between colors, beaks, eggs, and shapes: first notions of evolution
  • Big cats and their adaptation for predation and strength
  • How to care for urban animals
  • Functions and benefits of animals in harmony with us
Accordion Content
  • Biodiversity: its importance for the future

  • Snakes, Hippos, and Big Cats: debunking myths and exploring lives

  • Climate impact and its significance

  • Animal trafficking: alert and prevention

Accordion Content
  • Biodiversity: its importance for the future

  • Snakes, Hippos, and Big Cats: debunking myths and truths

  • Animal trafficking: alert and prevention

  • The importance of Brazilian biomes: Sustainable tourism

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1) We serve from Tuesday to Thursday, except holidays, for pedagogical school visits;
2) We accommodate groups of up to 50 students per time slot, with time slots at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:00 PM;
3) 01 teacher is complimentary for every 15 students on pedagogical school visits;
4) Price: R$ 42 per person (no discounts for half-price or student tickets on pedagogical school visits);
5) Registration confirmation is subject to availability;
6) BioParque do Rio also offers regular individual school visits without guidance;
7) In this format, we serve from Monday to Sunday, every day, between 9:00 AM and 3:30 PM;
8) 01 teacher is complimentary for every 20 students on regular individual school visits without guidance;
9) Prices are R$23.50 (half-price ticket) and R$47 (full-price ticket) for regular individual school visits without guidance.
10) Half-Price Tickets: Individuals aged 3 to 21 and seniors (60 years and older) – must present an original photo ID;
11) Students: Must present a valid student ID with a photo or an active enrollment declaration and an original photo ID;
12) Young people with low income, aged 15 to 29: Must present the “ID Jovem” (Youth ID) and an original photo ID;
13) PWD (Persons with Disabilities): PWD are entitled to half-price tickets and must present a document indicating the disability. If the presence of a companion is necessary, they are also entitled to half-price tickets;
14) Public School Teachers in the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro: Must present their payslip at the ticket booth;
15) We have themed itineraries for different school levels (early childhood education, elementary school, middle school, and high school) for pedagogical school visits;
16) Schools registered for school visits are entitled to exclusive discounts at food & beverage points, photo services, and souvenir shops;
17) Transportation and meals are the responsibility of the school;
18) These conditions apply to both private and public schools, except for municipal schools in the city of Rio de Janeiro. School visits from municipal schools in the city of Rio de Janeiro should send their registration request by email to [email protected] and will receive instructions there. This email should be from the domain;
19) We have social visits for NGOs and their social projects: Non-Governmental Organizations are non-profit organizations, formally constituted and autonomous, characterized by actions of solidarity in the field of public policies and by the legitimate exercise of political pressures on behalf of populations excluded from citizenship. Registration is available at;
20) School visits for students accompanied by schools directly at the park’s ticket booth without prior reservation confirmation will not be accepted. This is because, following strict safety regulations, our capacity for attendance is dimensioned to serve pre-scheduled school groups. Any insistence by the school or organizing institution will not be accepted, as we do not compromise on safety under any circumstances. Therefore, we offer advance scheduling through this channel for visit organization, to provide a good experience for visitors, and to ensure a safe visitation operation.

1) Upon arrival, please gather your group: in front of the “Dom Pedro Gate” or near the trees on the avenue. Go to the ticket booth and request your registration under the school’s and/or institution’s name;
2) Complimentary policy: BioParque do Rio – 01 teacher complimentary for every 15 students on guided pedagogical school visits, or 01 person complimentary for every 20 paying visitors on regular individual school visits without guidance. Policies valid by prior appointment.
3) Tickets issued by the ticket booth must be checked and verified upon receipt. We will not address complaints afterwards.
4) BioParque do Rio is located in the city center, where traffic can be quite heavy at certain times. Therefore, we recommend that schools arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time.
5) Please notify the commercial department as soon as possible in case of changes in the number of people present on the school visit, remembering that this information is vital to expedite ticket and/or turnstile procedures, allowing your students to enjoy our circuits more comfortably.
6) The use of flash or any lighting by the group during the circuit is not allowed, as it can negatively affect the animals.
7) In BioParque do Rio, it is not allowed to touch and/or feed the animals.
8) In BioParque do Rio, picnicking and the use of collective items such as coolers are not allowed. Students can bring their individual snacks.
9) In BioParque do Rio, the meeting point between the school and our educational biologist will be just after the turnstile. Our educational biologists wear uniforms with dark green shirts, and our operations team wears uniforms with orange shirts.
10) We ask, if possible, that there are no students from different school years within the same group/subgroup. If this is not possible, please inform the commercial department which school year our educational biologist should emphasize in the pedagogical content.
11) There will be a reduction and/or adaptation of the itinerary in case of delays on the part of the school. Therefore, we reiterate our request for the school to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the visit. Please note that our visit lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes with guidance.
12) Our visitation time does not include a snack break; therefore, it is up to the school to decide whether to have it before or after the agreed-upon start time of the visit.
13) Always walk within the circuit, alongside the group.
14) Our educational biologist always leads the group on pedagogical school visits;
15) Additional instructions related to the visitation circuit and the activity will be provided to the group by our educational biologist on the day of the pedagogical school visit or by email, along with the confirmation for regular individual school visits without guidance;
16) If the rules are not followed, our educational biologist may terminate the school visit before the contracted time on the pedagogical school visit;
17) If you are not the person who will be present during the school visit, we kindly ask that this information be relayed to the person who will be present. This greatly helps during the operation and makes the experience more comfortable for students or children and other individuals present on the visit.

It's time: gather the guardians
and leaders and embark on the mission!

The best part about all these knowledge journeys is that it can start now!
We have a specialized customer service team waiting to suggest the best date and time for you, teacher, and your classes.

The booking and scheduling process is fast and 100% online, and you’ll arrive here on the chosen day ready for 1 hour and 30 minutes in this unique space in Rio de Janeiro, where education, research, conservation, leisure, entertainment, and culture thrive.

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